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It's Just Like This For Now - Being Content

Do you ever feel like you aren’t where you want to be in life?

It’s wonderful to aim higher, to want to do better and be better and reach new heights! ...AND... Yoga teaches us to be content where we are in this moment right now. It's just like this for now. Santosha is one of the Niyamas, or guidelines for finding inner peace. It is the practice of being Content with What Is. We are reminded that every single challenge we have faced in life has brought us here to this point, right now. You are exactly where you are supposed to be on the path of life, and each struggle has made YOU the amazing person you are. You just wouldn't be the same without those tough times. And we kind of dig you just the way you are!! Here’s the thing, whether life is amazing or a total trainwreck, it’s just like this for now. So, if it’s good, awesome! Enjoy it while it lasts! If it’s not, don’t worry too much because it will change soon anyway. It’s just like this for now. Even when life gets challenging, try to be ok with it... knowing for sure that you will come out stronger, and maybe even illuminate some new possibilities that weren't seen before!! This practice requires a great deal of mature patience. The benefits are that you’ll avoid needless suffering from a temporary situation. This will allow your body and mind an advantage when it comes to growth and recognizing new opportunities. You’ll see more clearly and be ready to jump in when it’s time. We all need tools to process these big feelings, and one of my favorites is the Cloud Meditation. Practice with me to help let go of all the drama and uncertainty.

CLOUD MEDITATION Practice the art of non-attachment so you can be OK with your current reality.

Keep practicing Santosha . Try to be ok with where you are at right here, right now. And know that it’s just like this for now.

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