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Keep Your Temple Clean

What are you watching on tv???? The very first Yoga lesson for finding inner peace teaches us to be mindful of what kind of energy we allow access to us. So yeah, it's kind of important! It's called Saucha, the first Niyama, or guideline to finding inner peace. The word Saucha translates as cleanliness or purity. As with most Yoga principles, it is applied on many levels and pertains to cleanliness of the heart, mind, body, and environment. To be pure of heart, you need to practice being pure of mind and body too. Saucha teaches us to keep our minds clean, by only entertaining input and ideas that are positive or educational or uplifting. For most people this could be achieved by simply turning off the tv! You can’t expect to have peaceful dreams if you watch violent tv shows all night! One of my students used to watch the news in a loop on her tv all day every day because she liked the background noise. AND she was always stressed out about current affairs. With serious growing stress related health issues, she finally took my advice to turn off the tv, and instead reads the news once in the morning and once in the evening. She started playing ambient music for her background noise, and guess what? Within two weeks she started to feel so much better. Her blood pressure levels have come back down, she’s sleeping better and even losing weight easier. It really can be that simple. We also practice Saucha with what we choose to put in and on our body. Fresh, whole foods are clearly healthier and help generate a positive mind body connection. Toxins and processed foods give us a distinct disadvantage as our body uses precious resources to cope with them, resources that could have been used for growth and wellbeing. Chemicals we come in contact with are absorbed into the skin, so even cleaning agents, perfumes and lotions should be evaluated for their health benefits. Saucha also extends to our environment. Do you keep your living space and workspace clutter free and clean? This directly affects your energy! A tranquil space can make all the difference to your nervous system! For me starting the morning with a healthy routine, sets the pace for a healthy day! One of the ways I do this is with a simple morning stretch. If you want to join me, here's a video you can follow along to start YOUR day off with positive healthy energy!

Morning Stretch Yoga Join me for a quick stretch to build positive healthy energy to take with you all day long.

You only get this one amazing body to explore this life with! Your body is your temple. Keep it clean! This is the very first step.

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