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Stay in the Work

DON'T QUIT ! As the seasons change, sometimes our motivation changes too. We might feel 'too busy' to keep up with our practice, or just 'not feeling it' when it comes to following our healthy lifestyle. This is EXACTLY when you need to dig deep! Your BIG LIFE goals aren't just temporary whims. If you want to live your best life, you have to STAY IN THE WORK! You have to reach for it even on the days when you don't feel like it! Tapas is one of the Niyamas, guidelines for finding peace within, and it's the process of building energy and momentum to fuel your life's purpose. This lesson teaches us that whatever we actually practice in our life, not just our grand ideas, but what we actually DO, the actions we take.. that is what we manifest. Better make it something good! TAPAS literally means discipline. It reminds us to stay in the work, and show up to practice... even when we don't feel like it... or we're too busy... or life gets in the way. It's fine to modify.... AND keep practicing. With consistent practice we actively build energy to fuel our day, our life, and our world! The next time you're not feeling motivated to roll out your mat and practice, remember the ancient lesson of TAPAS and how the momentum it builds moves you towards your bigger picture goals... You've made so much progress so far, you owe it yourself to keep going and stay in the work ! 🙂🙌☯

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