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YES! You! Can!

Do you know what the biggest obstacle is between your current lifestyle and living a life of your wildest dreams? Chances are… it’s YOU!

In our attempts to be practical and logical, and protect ourselves from the embarrassment of failure, we often outthink our own possibilities. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” He's right. :)

Mindset is everything. It has way more to do with success than talent, resources, even opportunities. Someone who is determined to succeed will overcome every obstacle they face in pursuit of their dreams. Likewise, someone with low self-esteem or who doesn’t feel worthy or qualified, will crack at the first sign of pressure. They can be handed the keys to success on a golden platter and won’t be able to open the door! Yoga teaches us that actually… YES. YOU. CAN. You are nothing short of a miracle. You have this awesome intricate vessel of a body to carry your spirit and energy forward.... AND you are Resilient. You are capable of healing and growing and finding a way to make it happen, both at the cellular level, and the global level! You are perfectly capable of going after your dreams, of contributing amazing things to this world, of creating a life you love to live! Don’t ever doubt it! It doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. It means that if you commit, make a plan, and take action, you’ll make progress. You only get one chance at this life, and you could choose to sit back and live a life of mediocracy OR you can give it your best go and live a truly exceptional life! You were not meant to live an ordinary life! You are meant to live an extraordinary one! And that’s going to require you to believe in yourself, and to believe that your dream life is possible, because 100% it is! You are absolutely capable of living an extraordinary life! Yes. YOU. Can!

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