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Ahimsa - Teach Peace

The Global Yoga Community agrees that

PEACE IS THE WAY. In Yoga we call it Ahimsa, which means non-violence. It's the very first Yoga lesson, and the first of the Yama guidelines to find world peace. Different yogis interpret 'non-violence' in many different ways. Some choose to be vegetarian/vegan as to not cause harm to animals and our planet, some even sweep little bugs out of their footpaths as they walk through the forest. Some of us Teach Peace. ✨ You are encouraged to consider how you interpret non-violence too. Whatever your level of commitment is to the practice of Ahimsa, we all agree that it's based on basic respect for each other. When we welcome each other with 'Namaste,' we are showing respect. The light inside me Honors and Welcomes the light inside you. It means you are special and I'm glad you are here. It's that simple. But not that popular in the big world! We are taught from an early age to pick a side. You're either blue or red, or on the green team or the purple. You're either pro or against, this or that. By dividing us, they keep us weaker. We are stronger together. We have the Power to create Peace. Together. Lately I hear alot of people being super critical of themselves and others. I see people spewing cackling memes to ridicule the other side. This creates a divide, a good/bad, an us/them. That's the opposite of Ahimsa, the opposite of practicing peace. We are trying to create a world of respect and inclusivity. It goes deeper too because Ahimsa starts on the inside. It starts with your internal dialogue, how you talk to yourself. Are you being respectful and kind? Are your inner thoughts uplifting and supportive? Are You being the change you want to see in the world when you talk to yourself?? 🤔 The Dalai Lama told us that we have the power to create a world of peace. If we teach every kid to meditate we could end violence in one generation. It really is that simple. Maybe it's not sensationalist enough to make headlines or popular enough to make ballots. There's no stirred up drama or bajillions of dollars to capitalize on..... AND its a pretty darn good idea! Here's a Meditation Video you can practice called Peace Begins With Me. It's simple. Teach it to a kid, or even a grown up whose inner kid needs to learn it! It's one of my favorites forever and I teach it several times a week.

Peace Begins With Me AND YOU. It really is that simple.

So here's the big question, what can YOU do to take another step towards Ahimsa?

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