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Be Impeccable With Your Word

Did you know your words have GREAT power? With a simple phrase you can boost someone's mood and totally make their day! -ORR- you could completely break them down. How do you use YOUR words?? In Yoga we often refer to a book called The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you haven't read it yet, you definitely should. It will change your life by helping you get other people OUT of your head! The FIRST Agreement teaches: BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD. Not careful, not sincere or direct, but Impeccable. At the highest level of standards, to be faultless... with your word. Our words have great power. Gossip can cause missed opportunities and unnecessary suffering. Whereas, a simple compliment can turn someone's day around. Clear honest communication is essential for growing relationships built on trust. Do you speak your words out of love? Or out of anger or frustration? One of these is way better than the other!! I find that when I am angry, I do not say much. Because I know those words can wound, and I can never take them back. I would much rather be known for words of love. But it's not always that cut and dry is it?? When you feel frustrations building and you may be tempted to put them "back in their place," try this instead.... This is a quick, simple meditation you can practice to remember that Peace Begins With Me, and your words have great power.

Peace Begins With Me Join me for a quick effective way to shift your perspective, and remember that peace indeed starts with the words YOU choose.

This first agreement teaches us to say only what we mean, only what is truth and comes from a place of love. Your OhmWork this week is to pay attention to words. The words you use and the words others use around you. Are we being Impeccable? :)

One more thing ... Tis the Season....for Gratitude! Research proves actively practicing Gratitude can help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. I want to help YOU do just that, so I'm sharing my personal Gratitude Journal that I use to help me keep my focus on what's really important. Maybe you should try it! Find it HERE.

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