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Find Your Own Flow

I'm not saying you'll never have a sad day... But did you know that you are already programmed for JOY? You have an entire energy center dedicated to manifesting happiness! In yoga, we call it the Sacral Chakra. It's an energy center in your body, about 2 inches below your belly button that coordinates with your adrenal glands. It helps you feel good and create happiness in your life. All inspiration, creation, and smiles are born here! When it's out of balance, you may find yourself over indulging, or denying yourself things that make you happy. When it's in balance, you are able to Find Your Own Flow and can create a life you LOVE to live!! In a world where we are encouraged to pursue privilege and money at all costs, it's no wonder that 10% of Americans deal with Clinical Depression everyday. If only they were encouraged to exercise their Sacral Chakras instead! You can practice exercising your Sacral Chakra by listening to music, dancing through the house, watching the sunrise, splashing in puddles, and basically any activity that awakens your senses or brings you inspiration. And of course, one of the BEST ways to build energy is with Meditation. Here's a Meditation you can join me for if you'd like. Welcome to my yard lol! It's called the Abundance Meditation and it helps keep the Flow going between giving and receiving, and will help keep your Sacral Chakra balanced.

Abundance Meditation Find Your Flow as you create a pattern of Giving and Receiving.

The next time you feel a little bit down , remember that you already have what it takes to create happiness in your life. You probably just need to find balance, and Find Your Own Flow. 🙂

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Suzanne Ramos
Suzanne Ramos
20 mar 2023

You are AMAZING and I appreciate you!!! Just getting back from 10 days up in MA and catching up on emails.......I need to make time for yours EVERY DAY!!!! oxoxoxo

Mi piace
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