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Reach for the Light

Welcome to Spring! The NEW season of Growth! We are all on this path together and I am SO excited to see what NEW opportunities this new season brings us! A big part of the enlightenment process is to acknowledge the darkness you’ve been living in, the stale routine, poor habits, and triggers that keep bringing you down. Eventually, hopefully, you’ll choose to put down those old ways of being that aren’t serving your highest purpose.

Then the next step is to actively Reach for the Light. To make healthier choices which will help you move in the direction of your absolute best life! As you leave behind the toxic patterns of your past, you are gifted the opportunity to redesign your future. It’s not easy. It takes work. You’ll have to make tough choices about your nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness routines. You’ll have to leave behind relationships and situations that drain your energy as you focus on curating a better life for yourself. AND… it’s absolutely worth it as you reach new personal heights. Others will start to notice your transformation. Although they might not be ready or eager to begin their own wellness journey, you will have planted a seed a hope. You are a model of proof that real change is attainable with commitment and consistency. You become a beacon of light in an otherwise dark world. There will always be the cynical ones so distraught with their own unhealthy downward spiral that they would rather discredit your success than take responsibility for their own lifestyle choices. Leave them where you found them. Their path is not the same as yours and only they can choose what is best for them. Your job is to Keep Reaching for the Light. Out with the OLD! In with the NEW! I hope you are ready to put down all those old ways of being and thinking and feeling and doing, and are ready to grow into something NEW! 🌱

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